Happy New Year’s Eve Monday, Dec 31 2007 

I wish for peace and good tidings for all. My only New Year’s resolution has been to stop complaining. I am scared to death I shall have nothing to say. And that in itself is just awful. Save me from myself.

I have already thought of a loophole in this resolution. I will simply make observations about the situation. Nothing wrong with being observant.

I am such a pain in the ass.

When A Card Game Imitates Life Thursday, Dec 27 2007 

We played cards at my sister’s house Christmas Day Eve.  We played the card game Phase 10. I was just getting along just fine for the first 9 hands and was in Phase 7. It took 20 rounds for my sister to win the game. I stayed in Phase 7 for 11 out of 20 hands. I was in Phase 7 hell. All I needed was two sets of 4. Was that too much to ask of the universe? Apparently it was.

That is my life. Stuck in Phase 7 hell. The same game played over and over again. Close to completing the Phase to move on to the next level but always something happening and I remain stalled in Phase 7.  So now I ponder on how to get the cards I need to complete the phase and move on.  Do I cheat? wait for a few more rounds? quit playing the game altogether? 

Gin Rummy. We should have played Gin Rummy.

Happy Happy Holidays Wednesday, Dec 26 2007 

I truly hope everyone had a peaceful and love filled holiday. Here’s to the New Year upward and onward. Just got to see the doctor about this little thing that I highly suspect is pneumonia. But they got drugs for that right?

Nothing to see here people just move on Thursday, Dec 20 2007 

Will the bastard that sucks the joy out of every single day of my life please leave the premises? I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Oh so True Wednesday, Dec 19 2007 

I read this somewhere and it made me  laugh: “You should be afraid of something that can bleed for a week and never die. Trust me.”

Made me laugh. And it is oh so true.

Of Course Monday, Dec 17 2007 

It rained. And not just a little. Buckets and buckets. So we stayed inside and painted fingernails and put on tattoos and costume jewelry and played. She was happy and a good time was had by all.

 You want to know the gift that was the biggest hit of all? My mother gave her a chalkboard with some chalk and an eraser. The little ones were thrilled and were crowding around it all trying to get a turn at the chalkboard. Want to thrill some 6 year olds? Get a chalkboard about the size of a poster board and let the fun begin.

Aaaaaaackkkkkkkk….. Friday, Dec 14 2007 

For those of you who have children with December birthdays, I sympathize with you. Trying so hard to make it their special day and practically begging to come to the party in between all the other Christmas parties and plays and so on is its own brand of torture.

And it better not rain. Please do not let it rain. We have booked the Disney Princess Jumping Castle thingy and please please do not let it rain.

Good Intentions Thursday, Dec 13 2007 

okay. So I suck at this every day posting. I have a lots to say but getting it down on electronic pen and paper is not easy. Ironic that my previous post about getting things done huh?

I have had a new life experience this weekend. The pastor at my church has resigned. This is the first time I have experienced this as an adult and I will tell you it was heartbreaking. I am mad as hell at him half the time-we are the same age but I swear he is the oldest 40 something I know. But it was devastating. I am grieving.

I also have a not just a little experience at making peace with things that you really really don’t want to do but feel God has led you to do. Taking you to places that start with heartbreak and take everything in you just trying to breathe to get through another day.  Wanting to scream “Why?” at the top of your lungs and sobbing your eyes out. You want to be the mature Christian and take it with grace and dignity but the human side of you just wants to be a 2 year old and pitch a good ole fit. 

Sometimes the 2 year old wins. Sometimes not. Such is life. 

I Have Not A Clue Thursday, Dec 6 2007 

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about the bridge between “wanting something” and “getting something.”  I seem to have lost that bridge. And I am not speaking of material things.

How do you lose the way to get things done?

I know all about just focusing on one thing, taking baby steps, see things through to the end and all that motivational hoopla. But never even being able to start. The only thing accomplished is just writing it down on a piece of paper. Never seeing that need-wish-dream fulfilled is not a good thing to walk around with.

Where is the missing link? Is it physical? Mental? Emotional? Spiritual? or laziness?

Does it look good on the paper written down and sound reasonable said aloud but not really what I want to do?

How have I managed to lose that little piece in the machinery of me that was able to do something?

I know we all have dry, unproductive spells but I feel as though I am wandering through the wilderness. Did you know that Israel wandered through the desert for 40 years on a journey that should have taken only 7 days? That is frightening to me-losing your way for 39 years.

I have not a clue what to do. Maybe Colonel Mustard or Miss Scarlett can meet me in the Library and we can get it all figured out.

Near Miss Wednesday, Dec 5 2007 

I was within inches of being involved in a nasty little morning commute wreck this morning.  To the asshat in the red BMW: Contrary to what you believe, you do not own the right of way no matter what. Spend some of that money on some better side mirrors. To the Angel between you and me: Thanks and give the Lord a big hug from me for watching out for me. Always.

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