Just a few tidbits Monday, Feb 25 2008 

Here are a few things rumbling around in the freak show I consider my brain:

1. Oscars-everybody looked pretty. But Daniel Day Lewis-get something done with that hair. I have not seen any of the movies nominated so I can’t tell you who got robbed but I enjoyed Jon Stewart a lot.

2. My youngest child played her very first soccer game Saturday morning. After only 2 practices my baby made the team’s very first goal and a second. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to watch one of your children’s mad skills to shine. She can so play soccer. And plays it well.

3. We finished our third Bible study last night that we have done since September of last year. We have not really been led to another one yet. We all kinda thought we should sit back and process all the things we have learned for a month or so. When you really really start trying to study God’s word He will reveal so much to you that it kinda makes your head spin. So a little reflection time is needed.

4. I cooked for 3 hours yesterday afternoon. I made hot dogs for lunch followed by roast w/carrots& mushrooms, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn casserole, crescent rolls, cake, cookies, that was supper,  and chicken cheese spaghetti for supper later this week.  Cooking is exhausting.

5.  I wish I was at home making hairbows.

6. I have taken up my crochet hook again in an attempt to do better. Stay tuned-I may even post a picture. No laughing either-you have been warned.

I Got Plaque Thursday, Feb 21 2008 

I work at a state higher edumucation facility. One of the benefits is being able to have your teeth cleaned by the dental hygienists in training for only $30. 

Did I mention I have dental insurance and can get 2 of these moments of fun a year for free? Did I also mention that said dental hygienist in training is one of my student workers? How can you say “NO” to a sweet little student looking for people to torture and pay only $30 for this? Just call me ssssuuuccckkkeeeerrrr.

Anyways, my teeth have now been thoroughly examined. Each and every single one of them. I have spent 5 hours in a dental chair this week alone and they have not even been cleaned yet. We are saving that for next week. Don’t you wish you was me?

I am now obsessed with my teeth. I am going to have to give up something in order to proper clean and care for these pearls. I must now brush each and every tooth for 10 seconds using the BASS method. That means the outside of the tooth for 10 seconds then start on the other side of the tooth for 10 seconds a piece. That is after flossing. One of the kids is going to go have to learn to fend for themselves. Momma has to brush.

I got plaque that needs scraping. And I have to start drinking through a straw to save my front teeth from the evils of Coke.  But next semester I get to have some whitening trays made specially for me and I will only be out $45. I am way to excited about that little present for a normal person. 

Also on the bright side (haha-I just make myself laugh and laugh) now I might be able to lose some weight because just the thought of all that brushing, flossing and rinsing is enough to keep from even wanting to eat.   

Hello, I am Hootie Mac and I got plaque.