I Did Too.. Wednesday, Apr 23 2008 

Person let me know they would not be in this afternoon because she was going out to eat with her husband for lunch. It is their anniversary. I ask her if they would having the complimentary anniversary let’s go home and have sex before the kids get home from school sex. She laughed and said that sounded good to her. So I asked her if her husband would think it would be a good idea. She said “I don’t know-why don’t you call him?”

So I did. Living up to my new mantra of “if you ask-I shall deliver.”

I almost made the man run off the road. I told him that we thought that it would be a wonderful idea to have the above described afternoon delight. I even further explained he could get completely nikked and take his socks off even. 

I did too…..I so did.

Don’t Ask if You Don’t Really Want to Know Tuesday, Apr 22 2008 

Someone asked me what I thought about accounting. As in a job-career-a calling in life.

I replied “Accounting is not for a lot of people. A balanced spreadsheet is almost orgasmic to me. So if working with numbers does not make you happy in your pants, it is probably not for you.”

Is this what Oprah means by finding your passion? Probably not what she had in mind.

You have been warned : Do not ask Hootie Mac her opinion on anything. She is going to give it with no holds barred. If you ask for something, I am duty bound to give it to you.

Also, answers like this is also why I do not get invited to Career Day at school.  I just tells it like I feel it.

Enough… Monday, Apr 21 2008 

Enough. Time to let it go. No more whining, moaning, complaining, etc. Enough.

Time to move on. A little more brittle version of me but no more of this fragile woe is me nonsense.

No more grief for what was never going to be mine in the first place. I am my own worst enemy.

She has lost the faith. She looks at hope in the rear view mirror. In her place, I now stand.

I will not grieve for what I never had. I will not long for things unanswered. I will get on with the business of getting on with life.

I have made a choice. I must start moving. Standing still, waiting,  is more painful than you can ever imagine.

Move, move, move. Don’t ever stop moving.

I am sorry. I cannot wait anymore. The answer has not come so I can only assume the answer is no. This is all you get this round-play your hand as well as you can.

I Looked Here I Looked There Thursday, Apr 17 2008 

I was in California for a few days this past week. 

I just knew I would find you there.

I searched in vain, looking at every name tag that passed my way.

Where are you?

Why can’t I find you? I am at the end of hope.



A Brief Announcement Wednesday, Apr 9 2008 

Tennessee Lady Volunteers rock. Again.

We now return to your regularly scheduled madness.


They Are Gaining On Me Friday, Apr 4 2008 

I wait. and wait some more. I love the lyrics of the song “All That I Am Living For” by Evanescence:

All that I’m living for,

All that I’m dying for,

All that I can’t ignore alone at night.

Lock the last open door, my ghosts are gaining on me.


The demons of the night are now haunting my days.