Troll or What? Monday, Jun 30 2008 

It is not often I take the time to really really fix my hair or put on makeup. By the time I get 4-count’em people-4 girls out the door it is just not something that is going to happen. Some folks are of the opinion that I should make the effort more often.

I straightened my hair and put on the face last nite before church. And if one person told me it was at least 10 that”I almost did not recognize you-you look good.”

Evidently, I am a troll. I would go as far as ogre except for the fact I am not green. Without the benefit of makeup and a $25 straightener I am for all intents and purposes, unattractive. 

I am taking the stand that people could not stand to be in the presence of such loveliness on a daily basis and me being the Troll Fairy I only bring the pretty out ever so often so as not to overwhelm them with my hotness. 

Wait until I wear the new push up bra. That coupled with the makeup/straightener combo will leave them just speechless.   Until then, the troll shall leave them waiting for more. Cause us troll fairies just roll that way. Peace out…….

Might Need A Coup of Some Sort Wednesday, Jun 25 2008 

I have been doing this bible study called No Other Gods by Kelly Mintor.  So far it has been rather enlightening for me. She asked the question : Who or what is the Pharaoh(s) in your life?  A pharaoh is someone or something that oppresses you. I find that very interesting to think about.

She also points out that some of the things we want for our life are good but the level of desire we have for those things may be the problem. We all want health, wealth, happiness, TIVO, and good handbags but when the desire for those things take precedent over the spiritual is where the problems may lie. or lay. whatever.

So far I can identify a couple of pharaohs.  Pharaohs got to go. But short of getting them to drive their chariots into the nearest body of water I don’t see how they are going to leave. But I am only in week one so maybe we get to that later. Can a mini coup be the answer? I will contact my local warlord and seek counsel. or council. whatever……

Could Someone Please Tell Me Monday, Jun 23 2008 

WTH happens the last 15 minutes of Ocean’s Thirteen? I spent part of my Saturday nite watching almost the entire movie before getting foolishly involved in some brouhaha that the drama queens in my house felt was needed.

Now I have to go rent the thing. Go ahead-tell me anything. They all get abducted by aliens? Brad and George leave their model girlfriends and admit their love for each other?  Is there a big musical scene at the end to the tune of some gosh awful Elvis song? Hootie Mac needs to know people!

In Other News Friday, Jun 13 2008 

Well another week has been accomplished.  The three youngest girls had been at church camp since Monday and returned last nite with Hi I missed you and I AM HUNGRY! Saw that coming a mile away. Bought a brand new box of Fruit Loops just in case.

Happy Father’s Day to all those dads who care and to all the mother’s that have to do double duty. I am not so much of a happy camper on Father’s Day. Kind of pisses me off-nobody’s fault-just the way the hand was dealt.

I am deep in thought these days. Sometimes I wish I could march up to my brain and bang on the door and say ENOUGH ALREADY! Give it a break.  That is why I love sleep-everything just shuts up for a little while. 

Take care and I wish you days of laughter and sunshine and all that pretty crap. I am going to take a nap.

For Later Use Wednesday, Jun 11 2008 

I saw this quote on and I am saving it here to impart my wisdom to my daughters: When I was single, I decided I wouldn’t marry a man unless I could be proud if we had a son who turned out exactly like him.

I think this is priceless advice. Pass it on.

Don’t You Want to Be ME!!!! Tuesday, Jun 10 2008 

Things that have happened so far since my last post:

  1. Dog died of parvo. Bell was 7 months olds and the girls were devastated.
  2. Uncle died. Not the twin uncle but one of the older brothers. So off to the funeral I go.
  3. Having to take care of the beast that is my babies’ daddy cause he had a procedure.

Oh, don’t you want to be me?

I didn’t think so…….

I Need To Get My Head Around This Friday, Jun 6 2008 

Last nite I was just flipping through the channels and started watching that Bruce Lee bio movie.  I thing that guy that played him is one of the most purty Asian men I have ever seen. Anyhooo-Bruce Lee supposedly had this “thing” he had to defeat-an inner demon that was passed on to him from his father. If Bruce did not fight and defeat the demon then of course the demon would be passed on to his son.  Sins of the father asian style I suspect.

Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah. So the girls were swimming in the pool and I was sitting by doing my lifeguard duty. And I was just running the same old paths in my head. And the tears wanted to fall. But I was trying to suck it up. Seriously, get a grip, you and your children are healthy, you have a job, a roof over your head. You are blessed, girl. More blessed. And the middle child looks at me and says “Momma, why are you crying?” to which I reply “I am not crying.”  She looks and me and says “Yes you are, I know that face.” I almost lost my breath. She knows that face. God help me, please don’t let the demon pass through me. Let it end with me.

I Might Take A Little More Notice Thursday, Jun 5 2008 

The whole Obama/Hilary thing is just sooooooooo long and drawn out. I am not an especially political person. Opinionated-yes. Political-not on my sweet grandmother’s fanny.

But even I have to admit things are getting a little interesting, yes?  John McCain-a perfectly nice man I am sure.  But the whole Barack thing is like rock and roll. McCain is more like dinner at your grandparents house. 

Yes, I am a registered voter. Stop shaking your head.  I can make sound judgments come election day. I like totally don’t vote for all the even numbered levers or nothing like that. I make my decisions based on rational things like the color of their tie at the convention.

You are quite sure if I am making this up are you? Oh, the wonder that is Hootie Mac.