Au revior! Wednesday, Aug 20 2008 

I think that is hello. Oh well. I am taking French 101 and Nutrition class this semester. I should be able to tell you how to eat well and do it in French by the end.

I just read that aloud and have the giggles.  Bonjour mon amies!

I Know How He Did It Friday, Aug 15 2008 

I know how Michael Phelps has won all those gold medals at the Summer Olympics. He has literally swam his ass off. If you get a glimpse of his backside on the TV you will know I am right about this. He has the smallest nonexistent ass I have ever seen on a man. So the logical conclusion is he has just swam it off.

Don’t you just wish I was a sports commentator? Things would be so much fun.

Just how long Wednesday, Aug 6 2008 

can you survive without any significant adult human physical contact? Pretty damn long.

I get plenty of hugs and kisses from the fantastic four but sometimes, at the oddest moments, I get this intense longing for a head to toe hug from a male from our species. You remember those, huh? Those hugs that you try and get every part of you mushed up against every part of them. And just hanging on for dear life.

Sometimes I really, really miss that.