Good Griefous Monday, Oct 20 2008 

Were in the bowels of the earth have I been? I have not posted in a coon’s age.

I have thought about it and I can say with all confidence that I have not been doing anything all that reportable. I did go to Lucedale, Mississippi, this weekend for Praise in the Park. The headliner was “Casting Crowns.” It was a good time and my sister and her 2 boys and all my chillren’ had some memory making fun.

In other news, I watched the movie “Eastern Promises” late Friday nite. They should post better warnings than Rated R. My warning would have read “Disturbing scenes, Russian mafia, and glimpses of Viggo Mortensen’s junk and NOT IN A GOOD WAY glimpses.” That would have been so much more helpful.

I have 4 halloween costumes to make this week, one Homecoming dance dress, and about 40 bajillion committee crap things to take care of. I know, I do this to myself.  But a busy Hootie Mac is so much better than an inactive my life is for crap Hootie Mac. 

If I knew how to post one of those little countdown thingies I would be counting down until next Tuesday October 28. That is when the Tinkerbell movie comes out on DVD and my little Jo is so excited she can barely contain herself.  I mean, she literally shakes. Girl loves her some Tinkerbell.

I tried Bacardi Silver Mojitos and I would like to report that there is more than a hint of licorice taste and I HATE LICORICE. Black licorice jelly beans are poop of Satan.

Ok, I think I have shared enough now.  Ya’ be good and tell your momma I asked about her.

Busted Thursday, Oct 9 2008 

So, little Ray came into the house this morning crying and sniffling. She came into the bathroom where I was attempting to dress myself and said “Momma, my nose is bleeding.” So I took a look at it-not really bleeding at this point but it had been-wiped it up and asked her what happened.

Ray’s version of events: “I was waiting for the bus with  Mo and Jo and when the bus drove up it threw a little bitty rock and the rock hit me right here on the nose and my nose bleeded.”

Indeed, I wonder. Well I thought, stranger things have happened. I finish dressing and drive Ray the 2 minutes it takes to get to the school from our house.

I walk her in and I go down the hall to give Mo her $2 to see “Beco the Magician” and she meets me at the classroom with “Did you see Ray’s nose?”  I tell her I did and what happened I ask?

Mo’s version: Ray and Jo were hitting each other with there backpacks on the way down the driveway to get on the bus and Jo smacked Ray in the face with hers. Mo then cold cocked Jo for hitting Ray in the face and sent Ray back to the house.

Oh, the fun we shall have at the supper table tonite when I ask for a recap of events leading to The Nosebleed of October 2008.

Crazy or Insightful? You be the judge…….. Tuesday, Oct 7 2008 

I either had an ephinany (sp?) or a mini stroke. I am putting it out there so feel free to chime in with an opinion.

You know that whole Hallmark-y thing about people being in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime? Well, there is a person that for whatever reason just keeps popping up in my life that should not be there. He caused me a great deal of heartache and pain and changed the course of my life as we know it. But here is the kicker. He will not go away-he is always on the fringes of my life.

I have decided I am carrying way too much baggage around and something has got to go. I have decided I will start with his sorry butt. But what is it I have left undone? Do we need to have a conversation-I think not, he will barely speak when our paths cross.  Have I not said the right prayer-truly forgiven him for hurting me beyond repair? 

I have a real problem with forgiveness.  If someone does not feel like they have done anything wrong then I feel like I should not expect to have to forgive them.  Does that make sense? In this case, if he feels like what he did was not a big deal then therefore it should not be a big deal to me and there is no need for me to forgive him.  I always think I am at fault somehow when things go wrong. No matter what.

Any insights from the universe would be helpful. I don’t think God is real happy with me right now and doesn’t have a whole lot to say to me other than ” girl, please..get over yourself.”  I am so tired of pain and loneliness and tears-something has got to give and I choose this hill to make my stand.