I am Tuesday, Dec 9 2008 

in training hell once again this week. I am going to come up with some kind of syndrome and file for protection under the Employee Backache Fair Standards Act.

This guy is not calling my name out yet. But give him time and he will like all the others…………

Realization #1 Tuesday, Dec 2 2008 

I might have, once upon a time, thought that having a man call my name over and over again would be delightful but in reality, not so much.

Now, hold on. Before all 5 of my loyal followers get all in a twitter, let me explain. I have been in training hell today and for some reason the trainer decided I was his flavor of the day. And he called my name ALL DAY LONG.

After the first 25 times, it was just plain annoying and made me feel like his mother. What-WHAT? What could you possibly want now????????? Quit calling my name-pick a new friend.

Another delusion bites the dust.  Slick, hold me.

Did you know… Monday, Dec 1 2008 

that it takes all day for a 13.5 pound turkey to cook? Live and learn. We had our very first vegetarian Thanksgiving this year.  Some people could not wait and insisted on eating right NOW! 

We ate the turkey later that night.