Survey says…….. Friday, Jan 23 2009 

I have no idea what the survey says. I just remember I loved the way Richard Dawson said that on the old school Family Feud. I really liked him-I used to watch Hogan’s Heroes back in the day and I lik-ed him then too.

I would like to report that I am somewhat coming out of my previous funk and trying not to be envious and covet other people’s circumstances but that is just so freakin’ hard.   Sweet baby Jedidiah I need help.

I will try and look on the brighter side of things like:

1. I so totally missed seeing Quantum of Solace when it was in the theaters and I am a James Bond freak and was so disappointed when they picked Daniel Craig but after I saw Casino Royale I am uttering a complete heresy when I say he is the best James Bond to date……….anyways, on the brighter side: I will get to watch on DVD soon.

2. I sat alone at the last church fellowship cause there was no where to sit except at this table by myself and no one noticed and came and kept me company or nothing and I was just about in tears and its not like I smell or nothing and WHY FOR THE LOVE OF BABY JEDIDIAH am I always alone……..anyways, on the brighter side: I ate my bowl of soup in peace.

3. oh screw it-let someone else be a ray of sunshine.

Ultimate Realization Wednesday, Jan 14 2009 

Can I just tell you when you finally admit to yourself that none of your dreams have come true and never are that the world just kind of stops in its tracks for a few seconds.

Ignore me-feeling way too sorry for myself right at this moment in time. It will pass, it always does.

Needless to say, there is not going to be a trip to Atlanta, I am never going to be who I thought, steps do not lead to my door and I am emotionally spent.

I Am NOT in Training Tuesday, Jan 13 2009 

I thought it appropriate to announce that I am not in the endless cyle of hell known as training right now. You guys can quit sticking the voodoo dolls for a minute.

I AM processing all sorts of paperwork and miscellany that happens to accounting type people in the month of January.  Doing my part to kill a few trees and keep that ozone hole open. It takes a village, people.

Nothing to exciting to report except for the fact that I am supposed to go on -shhhhhhh, don’t tell the universe, she is always screwing with me-a road trip this weekend to Atlanta, Georgia. I have never been to the fine state of Georgia so I will do my best to get told “get the he-l-l out of here” by its fine citizens this weekend.  Keep your TV’s tuned to CNN for breaking news or a Hootie Mac sighting if I decide to tour their studios. I will be the troll fairy looking one……

Words to ponder: If you shake your head over the stuff I say out loud, just think of the stuff I keep to myself. 

Truly, I frighten myself.

Where In The World is Hootie Mac? Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 

If you look closely, do you see Hootie Mac? She is in the little corner of the world known as the Black Hole of training. Again.

Help me.  Help me please…….

Just Checking In Monday, Jan 5 2009 

I am still alive and kicking, I swear. I have been cleaning and cooking and cleaning and cooking-you get the picture? Thank heaven I am at work today.  And the kids are in school. And all is well in Hootieville.