The One About Twitter Saturday, Apr 25 2009 

I am now a twitterer. Whatever. MacHoot is my name-a new way to lurk is my game!

The One About Susan Boyle Monday, Apr 20 2009 

If you have had your head stuck in the sand the last week or so, wander over to You Tube and check out the video of Susan Boyle singing on Britain’s Got Talent. She will knock your socks off.

But what I find so inmature is all the comments about how she reminds us “not to judge a book by its cover” and all the other nonsense.

Granted, she has to some blessed talent and I was in tears and chills hearing her sing.

But, what if, she had sucked?  Would the world still be defending her or would she be the object of even more ridicule?

I liked her before she sang a note cause she was sassy and just adorable.  Everyone’s comments just reinforce bad behavior. She is deemed “eccentric” and “darling.”

I just don’t have the words to explain how frustrating and infuriating I find the whole thing.

The One About the Prom Thursday, Apr 16 2009 

My eldest child, Sumo, attended her senior prom Friday nite. Without a date because her date DID NOT SHOW UP. When he was called to see where in the name of baby jose he was he replied that he was still at work but he would show up later. WTH?????? Guess what, he never showed.

He asked her to the prom. She bought the tickets, got the flower thingy, did all the prep work. All he had to do was show up. And apparently, that was beyond his ability.

It this was my son, I would be mortified. But this was my daughter and I had to stand there and tell her “don’t cry-don’t you dare cry.”  I went on to tell her that this would be the best night of some of these people’s lives and to peak at your senior prom is  a  pretty sad life. The best for her was yet to be.

Cause if she started crying, I would have cried. And then I would have gotten even angrier and someone would be walking with a limp for awhile after I found him and so would his parents.

Your child’s anguish is so much more painful that your own. She has no way of knowing that now. But I was just brokenhearted for her. Was it too much to ask for the boy just to show up for heaven’s sake?  The universe owes her big time for this one.  Her 18th birthday and graduation are just weeks away.  I hope and pray that it will in some way make up for this crap. 


The One About the Chickens Tuesday, Apr 7 2009 

We are now the proud owners of 4 baby chicks. Ella, Bella, Bobby Jack, and Duck have come home to roost at our humble abode. They were at the Farmer’s Market this weekend that we happened to pass by during our many, many trips to the ballpark for a softball tournament.

They are cute but why did I think I needed more little chicks to fret over? Aren’t the 4 I already have a fulltime position?

 I have no more time to post cause I have to search the internets for chicken care and such……

Softball, soccer, dance, testing, etc…. Wednesday, Apr 1 2009 

is kicking my butt. That is all.