The One With The Questions Friday, May 22 2009 

I used to play 20 questions with a group of online people in a chat room that is now defunct and I miss it dearly. So I am going to play it  now-mini version. Follow along and comment at will:

1. Do chicken breasts have nipples?

2. What would you do for a Klondike bar?

3. I am thinking about getting bangs. Pros? Cons?

4. Does anyone really look good in neon yellow?

5. Ketchup-in the condiment cup or all over the food?

6. How DOES Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson get his teeth so frikkin white? This has troubled me for some time.

7. Does anyone know where my second set of keys are?

8. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

9. I like the movie “300” for some unexplicable reason. Maybe it is Gerard Butler in his underwear. How about you?

10. I would give up one of my ovaries for the LG washer and dryer. How about you?

Ok.  There it is. Put those minds to work and let’s get these burning questions answered.

The One About the Eldest Child Thursday, May 7 2009 

My eldest daughter has turned 18. She is my firstborn, my beloved one. The one I practiced being a mom with and will pay for all my mis-steps as a parent. I have been saving for her therapy.

The other night we sat on the couch together watching something on the TV and felt compelled to have the following conversation:

Me:     Okay, we have to have a talk-I have to tell you something.

Firstborn:      OMG, what now?

Me:    Well now that you are out of high school and so on I have to tell you this…

Firstborn:    What???????

Me:   Don’t be stupid. Just please don’t be stupid.


That sums up my advice for the road ahead-don’t be stupid. It is the catch all phrase for all that is to come.  Don’t settle, he is so not the one, don’t be afraid, learn to handle your money, don’t quit because it is too hard, etc. Go places, meet people, never stop reading, you can never go wrong with a plan of some sort, and lists will always be your friend.

And I will always, always be on your side. Even if you are wrong. That is my number one priority-I am always for you. Because no one should ever be alone, especially when they have done something stupid.

Live well, my beloved one.

The One About the Dream Monday, May 4 2009 

I dreamed about you nite before last. Why is it I always remember vividly the dreams about you? It was not a comforting dream either.  I chased your from house to house and you were always one step away from me. It is much like the dream I have about my father. Only you are still here and he is not.

When I finally caught up with you and you turned to look at my face all I could say was “please-please, don’t leave me.” And I was sad. So very sad and full of tears.  

The irony is the dream is light years behind real life. You left-I left-we both chose different paths that separated us from where we should have gone. Together.

I begged God to show me who my soulmate was and He did.  But in His mercy I am not broken, just sad, so very sad. Because you are still my best friend. The one I could whisper to in the dark.  We are just not quite what we could have been.