The One Where I Am Trying To Avoid Doing Something Stupid Thursday, Dec 17 2009 

I am going to write this post in a effort to keep myself from writing and sending a pointless e-mail.  Things I will do instead of wasting time composing a witty e-mail that will produce a unsatisying response that  will lead to more insanity:

1.  Continue on my ongoing Twitter campaign to have Matthew Perry respond to one of my responses to his tweets.

2. In the event the whole Matthew Perry thing doesn’t pan out, twitterize Peter Frampton as a back up plan.

3. Continue to google about nonsense saving crap to my favorites and cruising the Internet like a squirrel on crack.

4. Do some actual work.

5.Plan my menu for the next two weeks complete with alphabetized and color coordinated food items.

6. Read more “” and wonder who in the name of baby ezra are those people.

7. Track my menstrual cycle by moon charts.

8. Wonder what the hell is wrong with me………

The One Where I Am…I Don’t Know What I Am…… Thursday, Dec 10 2009 

I never learn. I have to keep repeating the same thing over and over again. Insanity-expecting a different result.