The One With My First Album Review Tuesday, Jan 19 2010 

I have recently become obsessed with John Mayer’s new album Battle Studies. And I wonder: does Jennifer Aniston listen to it for echoes of herself? Of them together? 

I like this album right now. It just reaches the middle of me. That is the best way to describe it.  Music is very powerful to me.  It speaks to me. And speaks for me when I don’t have the words.

So, today, I give this album **** stars. Maybe this time next year it will be a *** or a **.  Here’s hoping.

The One About 2010 Saturday, Jan 2 2010 

Happy New Year! I have cooked (Jack Daniel’s Dipping Sauce-mighty fine stuff!), done laundry, spent a useless amount of money at Hobby Lobby, and researched growing garlic on the internets.

Try to keep up people. I am on a roll………..