Here you go folks-Disney is in the wedding gown business now:

I actually really like some of the gowns.  I can appreciate good design.  But I don’t know if I would want to be a Disney Princess. They got issues:

  • Snow White: She will never live down the fact she lived with 7 guys at the same time.  Can she really pull off a white wedding gown? please……
  • Cinderella: dysfunctional family straight from the set of Jerry Springer
  • Ariel: lovely girl but she is best friends with a fish and a lobster. has apparently lost touch with reality.
  • Jasmine: Flying carpets and blue genies? This is your brain on drugs people.
  • Sleeping Beauty: Dragon, pyscho stalker woman with a grudge to settle, and narcolepsy.  A full plate of fun.
  • Belle: Senile father, psycho stalker wanna be boyfriend, and the love of your life is a beast, literally. I recommend restraining order and therapy.

I am so gonna get banned from the Magic Kingdom. Bad bad hootie mac.