Just a few things running through the head. Thought I would dump them here so I could free up some brain space for other activities.

  • What should I make for tomorrow’s baby shower at work? I am thinking spinach¬† dip.
  • My new summer slip on sandals make a godawful sound when I walk in them.¬† I may have to ditch them.
  • Supper? I think making breakfast for supper is an EXCELLENT idea.
  • I could inhale a bag of potato chips this very minute.
  • Where is the cord for my battery charger?
  • I have never watched “24”. Why? I enjoy Keifer Sutherland. Maybe I should try and get the DVD’s.
  • Three day weekend coming up. Maybe I will finally conquer the laundry. Probably not.
  • What did I do with my watch? No, not that one. The other one….
  • Why doesn’t Mo want to take dancing lessons anymore?¬† That child just is plain weird. In a good way but give me a break.
  • I have to call my sister and tell her the totally snarky thing our cousin’s wife said the other day. We don’t care for her. She is just mean.
  • It’s all about how you look isn’t it? Tell me the truth. You can be funny and smart and talented in all sorts of ways but if you look like Berta’s little sister you just ain’t gonna get no action.
  • I miss Friends. I really really do.
  • Maybe I should go buy a new pen at lunchtime.

Well, that frees up some space. Now on to the situation in the Middle East and what to do with gas prices.