I Gotta A Headache Wednesday, May 30 2007 

I am unable to string together any coherent thoughts. I have so much stuff going on in my head that it probably looks like a Star Wars movie in there with all the neurons and synapses going into overload.  I need to re-boot. Or get laid. I would prefer to hit my head on the headboard while getting laid. That should do the trick.  

Decisions …Decisions Friday, May 18 2007 

How do you make peace with a decision you did not want to make in the first place? Being a grownup sucks. 

Are you one of those people that……… Monday, Apr 16 2007 

Other people just seem to fall in love with and everyone thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread? Of course, if you are one of those people you will never admit to being one of those people. Humility is one of the apparent characteristics of “those people.”


They seem to make tons of friends. Not just so-so casual friends either. Friends for life-friends that will be there through it all. The kind that will camp out on your living room floor just in case you need them. The kind that see you through those rose colored glasses-you are always beautiful and kind. And when you admit to being maybe not so nice they will assure you that it was just a bad day or justify your reason for being mean. You can really do no wrong-people love you that much.


I suppose you can tell from my tone that I am not one of “those people.” And I do not mean to convey that I dislike “those people.”  I am just curious as to what is in their manner that evokes such love and loyalty from others.


 Dr. Phil loves to spout off “we teach people how to treat us.” What is it that “those people” seem to teach us without us even realizing what is going on.  Cause we love “those people” like it would seem just wrong if we didn’t.  


So do I somehow have a “please don’t love me like that” aura going on? Do people sense something in me is lacking?   


Or I am so busy being the mother, the caregiver, the one who loves that no one notices the vine is starving for some attention?  I am never alone but the loneliest person I know.


Seriously, starting a blog on a Monday is so not a good idea. I should just post pictures of my rack and get on with my day.